The Farmer

“To all who come to this happy place, welcome…” – Walter Elias Disney

Welcome to the farm & thank you for stopping by our blog!
I (The Farmer), will be posting details on starting and setting up a home bar as well as building an inventory of spirits, liqueurs, bitters & syrups, etc… all while paying homage to timeless classic cocktails & crafting unique, new cocktails one-at-a-time. 
After spending time in speakeasies and high-end bars experiencing “craft cocktail-dom” through (the very capable) local bartenders in Chicago, I thought to myself, “I should give this a try at home..” A marvelous idea was born & before I knew it I was researching the art of the cocktail and making my first trip to my local liquor warehouse…This blog is dedicated to the craft of the cocktail; my journey through cocktails of the past as well as adventuring into the un-imbibed future. 
The Farmer’s Bar-Beliefs: Pay respect to the spirit, A well-balanced cocktail, Fresh ingredients, Quality before quantity and An open mind.
Items of Note: 
  • The Mrs & I are in no way associated with the service industry; I am neither a bartender nor have I ever been one. I am simply a “layperson” that took up the bar spoon & the towel and found enormous amounts of passion in this amazing world of cocktail-dom. 
  • Minnesota liquor laws are interestingly unique to say the least. For example, superstores & grocers do not carry alcohol & the liquor stores must be completely separate. For example, when we go to Costco there is a separate entrance for the liquor store where, in fact, you do not need a Costco membership to shop! Our Liquor stores are all closed on Sundays so we normally do our booze shopping on Friday or Saturdays. Like Chick-Fil-A, it seems I always want to go booze shopping on Sundays…
Once again, thank you for checking out our little slice of heaven here on the blog. We hope you enjoy what you read. Feel free to drop us a line, comment on posts you also find passion in & share your own experiences with us. We love hearing from you!

The Farmer Shaking Things Up!


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