The Farmer’s Wife

Hi Y’all! 
First & foremost, thank you thank you thank YOU for stopping by TFS (The Farmer’s Spoon) to check out our blog; we’re ridiculously excited to be here & sharing our growing knowledge with you! 
My posts will primarily focus on the kitchen; whether that’s helping you learn how to stock your pantry, create weekly menu plans, meal prep for the work week, or cook a killer meal for the farmer in your home. 
I’ve navigated my way through Vegetarian, Paleo, Whole30, and Midwestern diets (that’s a whole lotta hot dish y’all!) & can’t wait to share my recipes & kitchen tips with you. If I ever share a recipe that you’ve got a unique twist on please feel free to comment or shoot me a message on it; I’d love to hear your thoughts & try your method next time!
My kitchen philosophy is a mixture between farmhouse classics & ethnic delights. Having spent the better part of the last decade in Chicago, ethnic food became a huge part of my diet & something I wasn’t ready to give up when The Farmer & I moved to Minnesota at the beginning of 2016. While I definitely have plenty of Mexican & Asian dishes in my recipe binder, I would love to explore Mediterranean & Indian meals next! My dishes lean heavily on heartier options (is it fall yet?!) but I typically plan on a few lighter meals a week as well including fish, salads, vegetarian options or if I’m feeling like a need a bit of a detox I’ll pull out a Whole30 recipe which always does the trick. 
In addition to the above, as farm life is a very real part of my soon to be future, I’ve taken a heightened interest in a properly stocked pantry & nailing down my menu plans so that once the grocery store isn’t just a quick car ride away I’ll be ready. Being organized here is key; bust out your highlighters & get excited y’all, I’ll be sharing lists & notes around pantry staples, pantry items I can’t live without, how to build a grocery list, menu plan & meal prep to make your life easier! 
A few things to note: 
  • I may be sliiiiiiiightly obsessed with run on sentences; I have fully embraced this flaw so this is merely a FYI to the grammar police out there.
  • I do not & don’t claim to know everything; if you see something I miss or have a suggestion for me please let me know either through a comment or an email! 
  • Mise en Place; nuff said. 
Last, but certainly not least, once again The Farmer & I would like to say thank YOU for stopping by TFS, we hope you like what you see & plan on sticking around with us through for the long haul! 

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