Blackened Chicken with Avocado Dream Sauce

I’m not sure how things run in your house, but Thursday night almost always means Chicken here & boy is this variation DELISH!
This dish is a sure fire hit & something I would recommend for both weeknight & weekend meals. It’s easy enough to throw together on a weeknight but looks fancy enough to be utilized for a special occasion meal as well – if you aren’t serving steak that night of course!


Blackened Chicken with Avocado Dream Sauce
Cooking for Two: 
2 Chicken Breasts 
Blackened Seasoning (to taste)
1 cup COOKED Quinoa
1 bunch of Cilantro 
1 Lime (including zest)
1 Avocado (ripe) 
1 heaping spoonful of Fage Greek Yogurt
Salt & Pepper 
Let’s Do This: 
1. Start by seasoning your chicken breasts on both sides with your Blackened Seasoning- here’s a link to the brand we’re obsessed with. If it’s your 1st time using this type of seasoning I would recommend going light to see how much you like it! There have definitely been many a sneeze-fests on nights that we’ve made this dish- so fair warning here! We love the spice though!!
2. Add a splash of EVOO to a large skillet or pan & heat over medium/high heat. Add your seasoned chicken breasts to the pan & cook for about 6-7 minutes per side- noting this may adjust depending on size. 
3. Once your chicken is settled in nicely; start cooking your quinoa in a small/medium sauce pan. Typically you want to bring your quinoa to a boil (2-1 water to quinoa) and then reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes. I would recommend checking in around 12-13 minutes because occasionally ours will finish a tad early!
4. Fast-Forward 15 minutes; your chicken is now cooked & cooling on your counter top; your quinoa is soft, fluffy & ready to be enlightened. OH YES… I said enlightened.
5. Add your warm quinoa to a large bowl; toss in the lime zest, the juice of ½ a lime, salt & pepper to taste & chopped cilantro (also to taste) – or feel free to leave the last bit out if you’re anti-cilantro like my Father in Law!
Its DREAM SAUCE time y’all!
1. Cube your avocado & toss it into your blender- Dear Vitamix I Heart You.
2. Add the other ½ of your lime juice, cilantro (again to taste or feel free to omit) salt & pepper to taste & that heaping spoonful of Fage Greek yogurt.
4. Ok, confession time….I could seriously eat JUST THIS SAUCE forevERRRRRRRRRRRR; so insanely good! 

Time to Plate!

1. Add ½ cup cooked quinoa to each plate.
2. Slice your chicken breasts diagonally & add 1 breast per plate over the quinoa.
3. Now go ahead & “dollop” (using that term lightly here!!) that dreamy creamy luscious sauce all over your chicken.
Garnish Options:
Additional Cilantro or a Lime Wedge would be lovely here!
If you try this recipe out please let me know, I’d love to hear your feedback! 


Bon Appétit!



Adapted from: Sarcastic Cooking 


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