Intro to Fernet: Hanky Panky & the Jitterbug

My first exposure to fernet was after a meal at one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago, Carriage House (now closed, we miss you!) I had been seeing ads all over town for this mysterious "Fernet Branca" (e.g., one pictured a woman walking an alligator; perhaps this is normal in Florida...another showed a pinup girl sitting at a … Continue reading Intro to Fernet: Hanky Panky & the Jitterbug

Whole30 – The Final Countdown

Hey Y’all - believe it or not our January Whole30 journey comes to an end this Tuesday! WOW! Talk about a fantastic month filled with delicious food, amazing support & meeting tons of new friends online who were on a similar journey of their own!  After finishing my 1st Round of Whole30 at the beginning … Continue reading Whole30 – The Final Countdown

Red Curry Chicken

Have you ever made a meal & found yourself saying, "Why don't I make this more often?!" - this is one of those meals y'all! Living in Chicago for the better part of the last decade, dining out on Indian food was a pretty regular thing for The Farmer & I. Now that we've been … Continue reading Red Curry Chicken

Whole30 – Week Four

Hey Y’all - can you believe we’re already on Day 21?! The Farmer & I have been moving through this round of Whole30 so much easier & more prepared than our 1st time around! We’ve been having such a blast learning more about the food & sharing our recipes with y’all that I’ve been toying … Continue reading Whole30 – Week Four

Raising the Bar

Once you have your basic bottles (and perhaps a few additional ones) you may find yourself wanting (or needing) to purchase a few additional bar hardware items; as well as additional bitters & shrubs to take your home-bar to the next level.  Over the holidays we threw a cocktail party with one cobbler shaker and … Continue reading Raising the Bar