Farm Eats: February 26th – March 4th

Morning Y'all!  Another weekend came & gone; this one filled with a visit from two dear friends from Chicago. Late nights & long days filled with booze, ridiculously delicious food & laughter makes for a tired Nikki & a coffee filled meal prep Sunday.  Here’s what I’m making this morning to make life a bit easier … Continue reading Farm Eats: February 26th – March 4th

Egg Bake

If it's one thing I've learned for sure since moving to Minnesota, it's that Minnesotans love HOT DISH in all shapes & forms don't cha know! Now I've got a secret that I'll share if you promise not to tell... I had no idea what HOT DISH was until I moved here!  Hot Dish is … Continue reading Egg Bake

Overnight Oats

Hey Y'all! Super excited to finally be sharing my recipe for Overnight Oats. This is hands down the brekkie that The Farmer & I eat more than anything else & that I'm constantly getting asked about at work - you'll definitely wanna give this one a try! Here’s What You’ll Need Per Serving: ✅1/4 Cup … Continue reading Overnight Oats

Farm Eats: February 19th – 25th

Morning Y’all!  This weekend was unseasonably warm here in Minnesota & boy did we take advantage of it! Windows open in February - hecks yes! Absolutely love getting some fresh air circulated in the house in the dead of winter! That lovely ball of fire in the sky was present all weekend too - feeling … Continue reading Farm Eats: February 19th – 25th

Farm Eats: February 12th – 18th

  Morning Y'all!  I can't believe another Meal Prep Sunday is upon us - where did the weekend go? Ah yes, visits with in-laws & spending time with friends. Today we're relaxing at the home front, sipping on ALL of the coffee (and perhaps some libations this evening by the fire!) and slowly working our … Continue reading Farm Eats: February 12th – 18th