Farm Eats: March 26th – March 31st

Morning Y'all!  Last week we focused on reigning in our monthly budget, especially in the world of groceries & booze (tear). This weekend I'm happy to report I spent exactly $60.33 at our local grocery store - that's only .33 cents over budget y'all - I couldn't believe it! Psst... I have a confession y'all … Continue reading Farm Eats: March 26th – March 31st

One Pan Sausage Skillet

Hey Y'all!  I've got a secret, promise not to tell? The Farmer & I LOVE chicken sausage; especially smoked apple & gouda chicken sausage "a la Costco". When your family farms beef; you tend not to eat a lot of chicken (lol) - promise to keep this one a secret from my father in law & … Continue reading One Pan Sausage Skillet

Farm Eats: March 19th – March 25th

Morning Y'all!  The Farmer & I recently had a "come to Jesus" meeting about our monthly budget. Now, y'all know I LOVE LISTS & budgeting is definitely a part of that; however we've been - let's just say, a little relaxed lately when it comes to spending. This month marks the 1st month we're trying to … Continue reading Farm Eats: March 19th – March 25th

House Jalapeño-Infused Tequila

It's no secret that out here on the farm we dig agave-based spirits; so it should be no surprise that we seriously dig infusing blanco tequila with jalapeños. If you love tequila, mezcal, and Ancho Reyes, you will love adding this tasty infusion to your bar repertoire. I utilize a recipe found in the Death … Continue reading House Jalapeño-Infused Tequila

Farm Eats: March 12th – March 18th

Morning Y'all!  Somehow, after thinking about daylight savings time all week I managed to nearly forget about it until around 7.00pm last night, whereupon I immediately switched into anxiety mode & was like ... ARGHHHHHH & starting saying "ugh it's REALLY so much later..." you know the drill, LOL.  This morning I'm meal prepping with … Continue reading Farm Eats: March 12th – March 18th