August Whole30 Reboot

After a week full of visitors, dining out & The Great Minnesota Get Together (YAY STATE FAIR!!!) we are more than ready for a quick Whole30 Reset. 
Here’s exactly what we’re eating this week to get back on track – 
Meal Prep Sunday:
  • One Dozen Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Two (2) Days Worth of Chia Pudding 
  • Two (2) Days Worth of Salads
  • Honey Lime Vinaigrette 
    • Yes – that says honey.
    • No – honey is not compliant (food freedom!) 
Sunday (Day 1) 
  • Brekkie: Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes & Avocado  
  • Lunch: Grilled Steak Salad 
  • Dinner: Fiona’s Green Chicken – Nom Nom Paleo
Monday (Day 2) 
  • Brekkie: Chia Pudding 
  • Lunch: Salad 
  • Dinner: Salmon Piccata, Sweet Potato & Brussels Sprouts 
Tuesday (Day 3)
  • Brekkie: Chia Pudding 
  • Lunch: Salad
  • Dinner: Paleo Chick-Fil-A – Stupid Easy Paleo 
Wednesday (Day 4)
Thursday (Day 5)
  • Brekkie: Chia Pudding 
  • Lunch: Salad
  • Dinner: Brekkie fo’ Dinnah (Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes & Avocado)
Friday (Day 6)
  • Brekkie: Chia Pudding 
  • Lunch: Salad
  • Dinner: Paleo Kung Pao Chicken & Broccoli 
Don’t get me wrong, we thoroughly enjoyed … 
  • Revival
    • Tennessee Hot Chickennnnn
      • That Burger Tho! 
  • Punch Pizza
    • Margherita Extra & Greco Salad  
  • Sea Salt Eatery 
    • Gah – OYSTERS FO’ DAYS!
  • Hi Lo Diner 
    • If you live here & haven’t tried a Hi Top yet; you ain’t living!
  • The Minnesota State Fair (ALL THE FRIED FOOD)
    • Pierogies
    • Bacon Stuffed Tots
    • Pronto Pup 
    • Roasted Corn
    • Tamale
    • Cheese Curds
    • Cider Pop / Cider 
    • Mini Donuts (Tom’s… obvi!) 
But we’re ready for this reset & know we’ll feel WAY better this time next week! 
Cheers to the week ahead y’all! 


Bon Appétit! 

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