Hey Y’all! We’re Benjamin and Nikki Byers (The Farmer and his lovely Wife).
We started this blog because The Farmer loves the art of crafting a great cocktail and his Wife loves to make amazing recipes from all over the world using fresh, wholesome ingredients. We feel that every great meal and cocktail has an equally great story to tell. As we journey down this road of building our family recipe box as well as our cocktail bar repertoire, we want to share both the lessons we learn and the successes we have with the world. This blog is dedicated to the idea that you can eat deliciously and craft a great cocktail in the comfort of your own home. We will show you how we built our kitchen and cocktail bar from scratch as well as how you can use those tools to craft tasty temptations and balanced libations for your family and friends.
Together we have the mixings of a well-balanced life: 2 Parts unconditional love, 1 part wholesome eats, 1 part craft cocktails & a dash of farm life. Thank you for stopping by our blog; we hope you enjoy. Feel free to give us a shout with any questions, comments or suggestions!
Cheers friends!