Egg Bake

If it's one thing I've learned for sure since moving to Minnesota, it's that Minnesotans love HOT DISH in all shapes & forms don't cha know! Now I've got a secret that I'll share if you promise not to tell... I had no idea what HOT DISH was until I moved here!  Hot Dish is … Continue reading Egg Bake

Overnight Oats

Hey Y'all! Super excited to finally be sharing my recipe for Overnight Oats. This is hands down the brekkie that The Farmer & I eat more than anything else & that I'm constantly getting asked about at work - you'll definitely wanna give this one a try! Here’s What You’ll Need Per Serving: ✅1/4 Cup … Continue reading Overnight Oats

Chia Pudding

Hey Ya'll - I've been getting tons of requests for my Chia Pudding recipe since starting this round of Whole30 so I figured it was about time I wrote up a quick blog post on it! This is, hands down, my go-to brekkie for busy weekday mornings when I need to be able to grab … Continue reading Chia Pudding