The Home Bar – Getting Started (Part 3)

  At this point, we have our bar hardware and we have our essential bottles. We are almost ready to get started; however, there are a few best practices I thought I would discuss before we get into mixing cocktails. Setting up and organizing your home bar Options for creating your home bar space are … Continue reading The Home Bar – Getting Started (Part 3)

The Home Bar – Getting Started (Part 2)

Now that we have our bar tools and bitters, we need to set our initial spirit & liqueur budget. Based on this budget (and your personal taste) we will prioritize which bottles to purchase. Once we have the list we can make the trip to the local liquor warehouse with confidence. I feel that $150 … Continue reading The Home Bar – Getting Started (Part 2)

The Farmer

“To all who come to this happy place, welcome...” - Walter Elias Disney Welcome to the farm & thank you for stopping by our blog! I (The Farmer), will be posting details on starting and setting up a home bar as well as building an inventory of spirits, liqueurs, bitters & syrups, etc… all while … Continue reading The Farmer