One Pan Sausage Skillet

Hey Y'all!  I've got a secret, promise not to tell? The Farmer & I LOVE chicken sausage; especially smoked apple & gouda chicken sausage "a la Costco". When your family farms beef; you tend not to eat a lot of chicken (lol) - promise to keep this one a secret from my father in law & … Continue reading One Pan Sausage Skillet

Farm Eats: March 19th – March 25th

Morning Y'all!  The Farmer & I recently had a "come to Jesus" meeting about our monthly budget. Now, y'all know I LOVE LISTS & budgeting is definitely a part of that; however we've been - let's just say, a little relaxed lately when it comes to spending. This month marks the 1st month we're trying to … Continue reading Farm Eats: March 19th – March 25th

Farm Eats: March 12th – March 18th

Morning Y'all!  Somehow, after thinking about daylight savings time all week I managed to nearly forget about it until around 7.00pm last night, whereupon I immediately switched into anxiety mode & was like ... ARGHHHHHH & starting saying "ugh it's REALLY so much later..." you know the drill, LOL.  This morning I'm meal prepping with … Continue reading Farm Eats: March 12th – March 18th

Red Curry Chicken

Have you ever made a meal & found yourself saying, "Why don't I make this more often?!" - this is one of those meals y'all! Living in Chicago for the better part of the last decade, dining out on Indian food was a pretty regular thing for The Farmer & I. Now that we've been … Continue reading Red Curry Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

Hey Ya'll - I made this recipe for The Farmer over the weekend & he hasn't stopped talking about it ever since - you know that's a winner! I must have had him asking me "ARE YOU SURE THIS IS WHOLE30" for about 15 minutes before I finally convinced him it was. Once I had, … Continue reading Tandoori Chicken