Paleo Taco Skillet

If you’re looking for a new take on “Taco Tuesday” look no further - this is your dish! I first discovered this meal during my 1st round of Whole30 back in January of 2016 and its been in our weekly rotation ever since. Not only is this dish Whole30 friendly, it's also "weeknight" friendly - meaning … Continue reading Paleo Taco Skillet

Farm Eats: April 9th – April 14th

Hey Y’all! Woof, The Farmer & I had quite the busy weekend! When the temp hits 70 in Minnesota IN APRIL you have to get out & enjoy every moment of it, and that we did! Last week the hubs & I started our 3rd mini round of Whole30 & the work week was a … Continue reading Farm Eats: April 9th – April 14th

Farm Eats: April 1st – April 7th

Hey Y'all! Happy Meal Prep Sunday from my coffee cup to yours! The Farmer & I started our 3rd round of Whole30 yesterday so today is all about prep prep prep so we can be successful this week at work! In addition to the usuals, I also whipped up some of my Whole30 friendly Mayo so … Continue reading Farm Eats: April 1st – April 7th

One Pan Sausage Skillet

Hey Y'all!  I've got a secret, promise not to tell? The Farmer & I LOVE chicken sausage; especially smoked apple & gouda chicken sausage "a la Costco". When your family farms beef; you tend not to eat a lot of chicken (lol) - promise to keep this one a secret from my father in law & … Continue reading One Pan Sausage Skillet

Farm Eats: March 19th – March 25th

Morning Y'all!  The Farmer & I recently had a "come to Jesus" meeting about our monthly budget. Now, y'all know I LOVE LISTS & budgeting is definitely a part of that; however we've been - let's just say, a little relaxed lately when it comes to spending. This month marks the 1st month we're trying to … Continue reading Farm Eats: March 19th – March 25th